Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your Natural Purpose

As we live our lives day to day,it is very pivotal that we do not forget that we have a natural God-given purpose here on earth.Everything in nature has a purpose.It was Socrates who said,"A Life Not Examining is a Life Not Worth Living."In other words ,whats the point in going about living your daily life if you dont know your purpose.You purpose is what will guide you and what you are accountable for when you transition to the next lifetime.When being on your purpose,it is only fitting that you will recieve nature's greatest reward.As you continuously discover yourself on more of a spiritual level,being on your purpose will bring you closer to God.Knowledge of self through knowing your purpose is like life's instructions as to what you are supposed to be doing.Many of us get caught up chasing the all un-mighty dollar bill that we forego our purpose.It is due to lack of our knowledge of purpose that numerous people arent happy and at peace from within.Instead,they find themselves stressed out and being a slave to money.As a society,we have not been taught not to look inside ourselves for our answers .Instead we have been given a more exoteric approach which means to look for an outside entity to come and do for us.I am not calling you lazy,however,if you have a question,all we have to do is to speak it out into the universe and the answers will find a way to us.When you are on your purpose like you are supposed to be you will be at peice with your calling in relation to the rest of the world .Your purpose can be many things such as ,singing,dancing ,serving others,emceeing,being an educator,cooking etc.It is your passion.Many people dont believe that they can financially sustain themselves on their passion alone.However,we must exercise faith and steadfastness,All we have to do is plan and then diligently follow the blueprint that we have laid for ourselfs and we will forever be protected by the almighty and our ancestors.Till next time,Im out!!!!.