Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Financial Freedom

As it appears that things will not get any better any time soon,due to layoffs,more and more small businesses have been birthed.Many people have decided to venture out and have discovered new passions in the process.Many people have decided to give self-employment a try after seeing nothing is exactly risk-free.Especially in this shaky economy.There is absolutely no substitute for knowledge especially in the area of finances.We live in a capitalistic society and and there are so many ways and methods to aquire "true" wealth.The traditional 9 to 5 lifestyle can seem so mundane and draining and even though we all have bills to pay.However,seeking financial freedom by means of controlling your own labor has shown to make a lot more people happier in the long run.Of course becoming financially free is a process in its self,but investing in tangible assets and decreasing liabilites can and will do wonders for you.Assets are money-generating commodities that put money in your pocket.Liabilities are things that take money out of your pocket.Examples include,bills,expenses and payments on things that you own.In capitalism,the power relies in those who own and control the means of production.Most people are aware of the investing that you can do in the stock market,real estate etc.However,there are many other things that you can invest in too.I recently invested in a press machine to make shirts and started up a business that way.The main purpose of this article is to get the point accross that you can be happy and free by using you own creative imagination to generate cash flow to live off of.It requires diligence and faith,but it can be achieved.I recommend Robert kiyosaki's Financial book collection if you want to learn more about finances to heighten your financial IQ,but in the meantime,stay positive,form a plan and put money to the side outside of your budget and start investing in things that will make money for you and can free you up time wise.i guarantee this will make you more happier than that same old 9 to 5 job where taxes rob you and you cant stand the people you work with and your supervisor that you know you are more qualified than consistently gets on your nerves.Study Up!Im out!Peace!

Monday, May 3, 2010


If you like quality,original and unique t-shirts with a positive message,be sure to check out PositiveImages360.com which specializes in affordable t-shirts for all ethnicities,ages and genders.PositiveImages360has something for everyone.


If you like quality ,original and unique t-shirts with a positive message,be sure to check out www.Positiveimages360.com. We specialize in providing affordable t-shirts for all ethnicities,ages and genders.PositiveImages360 has something for everyone!!!

What is God To You?

Some people choose to be Atheists,some agnostics,some very religious and others just spiritual beings but the concept of what exactly God is a complex topic that has been around forever.What is God to YOU?Why do people do good things?Why do people do bad things?Some people do good to avoid punishment of some sort,but what if you were able to do bad and get away with it.Is it God that still keeps you from commiting evil because of the Karma?Some people will say God is a man or a he.However,where does that leave the woman?Are our minds too limited to limit what God can actually be?In other words,who are we to define God in the first place?To me,God is the source of everything that I cannot do without such as air,water,food,the sun and nature.Everything comes from God and everything in the universe is interconnected.Respond back and let Sankofa know what you think about God and what you belief about God is.Im looking forward to hearing your responses.Peace!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Whats up yall! Its springtime,the season thats notorious for allergies.I have looked into herbal remedies and detoxing my system in order to flush the toxins out of my system and to trigger whatever the cause may be.Itchy eyes,sneezing and nasal drip can be annoying.What are some natural herbal methods that yall have used in to deal with your seasonal allergies.Respond back to me let me know.Peace out fam.