Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is Hip Hop Dead?

Peace yall.Im a true fan of music especially Hip-Hop.I have formulated my own opinions and stances on the topic of whether Hip Hop is dead or not,but this time I want to see what you guys out there think.If you do think the music genre as we know it called "Hip-Hop" is dead,what are some methods and strategies that you would suggest be implemented to resurrect such a powerful impactful music form.Lets see what you all out there have to say!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Frozen Sunshine

We have had a turbulent winter this year not just for the Maryland area,but numerous other places and regions too.With all of this snow falling from the sky numerous businesses have lost revenue in the fourth quarter of the year,a time where many businesses make most of their revenue.Some stayed in and enjoyed spending extra time with the family.Others sat impatiently waiting for the snow plows to barrel thier way through the clogged snowy white streets so they could rid themself of "cabin fever".Some caught up on alot of rest.A lesson that can be learned throughout this whole experience is that sometimes it is good to take break in the midst of our daily hustle and buslte to rebuild ourselves and relax.So often,the responsibilities that we have in our lives have us on the go so much to the point that we neglect ourselves .Our body doesn't get the sufficient amount of rest that it needs and our diets become that of a lesser nutritional quality.Our bodies end up breaking down.When you slow down,you can see things much clearer,the way they are.I've been rebuilding myself over these snowy times.What have you been doing?What have been your methods of rebuilding and rejuvinating your body ,mind and spirit?Comment back and let me and the Black Genius followers know.Much Love!!!!!!