Sunday, June 14, 2009


The concept of death is one of the deepest concepts that people have bee continuosly attempting to make sense of for eons.Where do we go when we die?This is a question that religion attempts to answer and those without a religious preference have their own theories that govern their thought process.Death can be defined as no longer existing physically on earth .Many would agree with this simple premise,but how can a person who has never died be qualified to tell another person where they will go when they die?Life as we know it is a continual evolving ongoing process that is infinite and eternal.We are all energy sheilded by physical matter.Energy is something that can take on many forms,but it cannot be created or destroyed.It just always is.Our bodies contain energy which is electromagnetic which moves all throughout the body ,but begins at the core of our bodies.So the physical degenerates when we die,but our energy is ongoing and everlasting.In other words,our spirits are eternal.Is death the absence of life in the body?Who said we only live once?Life and death are a harmonious cycle and death is followed by rebirth.In order for something to be born,it must have first been dead.The best thing that we can do live life abundantly and we will have heavenly kingdoms in the afterlife no matter if you claim to be spiritual,religious or atheist.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Word Power

As we communicate verbally on a daily basis ,we must be mindful that words have power.The words that we use have signature on them of negativity or positivity depending on the intent and the words that we speak in the universe will come back to us.This is a law of reciprocity which is one of the universal laws of nature.Look at politicians,preachers,coaches etc.They are able to expire move people with nothing more but words.Letters are formed to create words.This art is called spelling and words can put spells on people.Whatever is spoken out will come back to you.So,remember to guard your words because eventually,they will come back to you because nit is the point of origin and the only source it kows.So take care and speak positive.