Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Botanical Dieting

Whats up yall!!The topic of diet is sometimes a sensitive matter that alot of people do not want to be accountable for.At times ,many of us truly do not care and at times many of us truly would like to do better but dont have the PROPER information and guidance as to what strategies to take when it comes to a more botanical and natural diet.It is important that we educate ourselves on the proper way to take care of ourselves so we can prolong our our existence and feel better about ourselves from the inside out.First of all ,our "diet" consists of much more than just food.Our diet consists of everything that we digest and expose ourselves to.Our diet consists of what we eat,the music we listen to,what we watch on television,the people we hang around etc.Negativity from many sources can and will bog us down so it is good to detox at times and get rid of the negative influence to which hinders us from being able to elevate our well-bieng.What exactly is a botanical diet?A botanical diet is a diet that consists of plants ,greens and natural vegetation.Many of us are aware of the new phenomenon s nowadays with people turning to lifestyles of veganism and vegetarianism,many do not truly understand why these choices are so so beneficial to us.There is an old phrase that states,"You are What you Eat".If you consume animal flesh,then ,this heightens the possibility for you to become animalistic in your action.Animal flesh or meat is an enemy to the human body.How so?Well,many of us already are aware that animals are being cloned and injected with hormones,but there is more to it than that.Everyone can relate to Thanksgiving or anytime there is a family gathering and Moma cooks your favorite soul food dishes .Everybody enjoys the feast and you wish that you would never get full.Shortly after this enormous family meal,majority of those who were stuffing their face at the dinner table are now knocked out snoring taking a nap.This is not natural.The food that we consume is supposed to provide us with energy,not deprive us from it.The energy from the dead animal carcas if any is already gone by the time you end up cooking most of the ingrediants out of it.The truth is,whether we admit it or not,most of us are addicted to the taste of meat.However,we must remember that everything is mental and that if you free your mind,then your body shall follow. Your body replenishes its energy through live foods.Dont worry,you still can get All the protein you need in veggies ,nuts,beans and fruits.Meat eating is the primary reasing women have menstrual cycles .You would also need to make sure that you are taking the B-12 supplement on a daily basis as well.Studies have been shown that women who were on vegan diets experienced little or zero amounts of mentruation.In ancient tribes, women were prohibited from eating meat or anthing that bled.Meat also tends to cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus.ANYTHING that is natural is good for you.However it is a process and we have been consuming poisonous diet long periods of time.For many of us we have been consuming poisonous diets since we were a fetus in the womb.Change will not happen overnight but we must start from somewhere and plan properly if we are to be successful.Dont take my word for it, go just one week without consuming animal flesh and you will definitely be able to feel the difference.Symptoms you will feel are more energy and a sharper mental state.You will also be less lethargic with a natural euphoric feeling.Your spiritual essence will also be heightened and much much more!We eat so much more food that we truly need to.Many of us are programmed to just eat whenever we want to just because food is available to us.We should only eat when we are hungry and furthermore we are not hungry many times,but we are thirtsy instead.Many times,when we think we are hungry,it is really our body crying out for water due to us being dehydrated.So dont take my word for it,do your own research and you will see that natural vegetation through a botanical diet is the gateway to higher spiritual realms and a healthy body from the inside out.Take Care.Im out!!!