Thursday, May 21, 2009

Benefits of a Diet

When it comes to dieting ,many people equate this common term with deviating from your normal eating pattern to take on a more disciplined approach to increase your physical health.Many people take a break from eating their favorite foods to take on a more healthy approach to food for a short interim of time.Many people decide to go on diets for numerous reasonssuch as to shed some pounds to fit in that perfect outfit and to cleanse the body of its toxins to name a few.However,we must remain mindful that dieting doesn't have to involve a change in your food eating pattern.Mental diets are also vital to sustain proper health too.A mental diet may involve ridding yourself of distractions and negative people that can stagnate your progress.A mental diet can mean not watching television and listening to the radio for a few days to concentrate on your own thoughts.It is sad to say,but many people cannot tolerate absolute silence.Every second of the day people are constantly bombarded with artificial information and noise which takes up space in your head so it will be more difficult for you to generate and reflect on your own thoughts.Many people let the media,radio,people and other external things define their reality and even though alot of times we do expose ourselves to factual information ,we often do not spend enough time alone with our self to get to know our self better.Afterall,you are around yourself more that you are around anything else.There is no proper substitute for knowledge of self.It is beneficial to free and liberate our minds on a daialy basis.This will actually strengthen our minds as we learn to use it more effectively.If we dont use our brain to its full potential ,then we are basically letting other people rent space inside of our head.As been said on numerous occasiions,a mind is a terrible thing to waste and if we dont use it,then someone else will.Take head and you will fare well.Peace and love to all!!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

College Graduation

College presents numerous experinces where you gain wisdom from the many lessomns that are taught in and out of the classroom.We live in a society that stresses the importance of an institutionalized education.Many students and families are struggling with the the insurmountable problem of debt owing superfluous amounts of debt through student loans.Many students have discovered that that they owe more money in loans than the salary they earn on their job.After graduatiing,obtaining a job is not guaranteed.Shouldnt it be though?At the end of the day,what is "secure".Unemployment rates are constantly increasing and many students are getting a rude awakening once they experience how the "real" world operates totally different than how school prepared them.Many minorities often go through the process of school unaware of their natural history and are taught to embrace all cultures .This is a good concept,however you must first start with yourself and understand hwo you are before others.Getting a degree means that you have met the requirements that have been set in that particular major concentration.Graduation on the other hand exemplifies hard work,diligence,patience and commitment.It says alot about ones character and the relationships that have been aquiredalong the way should be cherished because good friends are better than riches.