Friday, December 25, 2009

Truth Searching

While it is the time of year where the majority of people are exchanging gifts let us not forget about the people that are less well to do as we might be.Holidays bring together families that might come together as often on a regular basis.However,it is important to understand the deeper meaming of these holidays that we choose to celebrate.Many times we engage in rituals and traditions ,but arent aware of the origins and history associated with them.It is important to get in the habit of questioning things and searching for the truth to understand things on a deeper level.Everything has a point of origin and a source.When you have true knowledge of a thing or a holiday,then you will no longer be lead blidly by the actions of others who are ignorant and you will know what you are truly celebrating.Free your mind,search for truth and everything will fall into place.

Black Genius Youth Academy Program Outline

Youth Minister, Brother Sankofa gives a presentation on the structure and purpose The Black Genius Youth Academy to students and viewers

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Art of Thinking

It is important and essential that reshape the way we think on a day to day basis.Our thoughts define our reality and determine the outcome before we even translates our thoughts into actions.We live in a society thatoperates off of fearfulness.Having enough money,worry about aging,,getting a job,finishing school,looking too heavy ,looking to thin etc are all examples and there are countless more.However ,we often equate genuine happiness with that which is outside of ourselves when in fact,the true essence of our inner peace resides in us.Thats right! We are often in constant pursuit of pleasure as we search endlessly for material wealth,high status and many other things.In this lifestyle,you will never be content because you will always be looking for the next thing to satisfy ourelves for a temporary amount of time.We become slaves to our emotions and feelings.We must be happy with ourselves first .We must love ourselves first.We must excercise control over ourselves and master our wordly weak pleasures and desires.We all have a beastly nature and a Godly nature,but success is given to those who tame there inner beast for the good of themself and others.We must be happy with who we naturally are and not be scared to think for ourselves.Many of our thoughts and impressions are generated by the tell-lie-vision,media and negative people.As a result, we have a distorted perception of reality.It is a process and each of us are not perfect,but we must make it a top priority to to know who we are so that we wont be strangers on our own flesh.