Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Currency vs. Money

Whats up yall.I figured that in this capitalistic society where money is the name of the game,it would be good to take a deeper look to truly understand what money and currency actually are.Most people would consider them to be the same,however,those that think this are sadly mistaken.The difference between money and currency is that money is a true asset such as gold,precious metals,real estate(land) and anything else that is natural.The commodities were used in the past through a bartering system.Currency is what most people are familiar with which is cash.Now,cash is made out of paper and if you look on your dollar bill it will clearly state that it isn"t redeemable and that is nothing more than a note of debt .Even though you can go to any store and purchase items with cash.keep in mind that cash is or fiat money is nothing more than paper.This paper money that the federal reserve prints for the United States and charges the US interest on is not backed by anything.Whenever there is currency(paper money),it is not but so long until the value of it will depreciate.The value of currency is in its ability to be circulated.That's It.The value of the currency that we have now has depreciated because there inst that much in circulation.So next time you wear gold silver or a precious metal,remember that what you are wearing is real money and those federal reserve notes in your pocket or in your rubberband is nothing more but a note of debt.Peace.Im out!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


O Ancestors! Blacker than a thousand midnights…
Afrikan Ancestors! It is to YOU that we, your children, give respect and honor.

O Ancestors! We call upon YOU and welcome you in this place…
Afrikan Ancestors! Let your presence fill this place.

O Ancestors! Who have been purposely excluded from the history books,
so that the world would not know of your greatness…

Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave civilization to the world…
Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave the arts to the world…
Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave music to the world…
Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave the sciences to the world…
Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave mathematics to the world…
Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave medicine to the world…
Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave literature to the world…
Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave philosophy to the world…
Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave God consciousness to the world…

O Ancestors! We thank you for devoting your life to make a future for us,
your children, grand children, and great grandchildren.

Now, stand with us; strengthen us; guide us; teach us,
and protect us from the snare of our enemies!

Rise up, O Afrikan Ancestors, and let our enemies be scattered!
And give us the wisdom and the boldness to deal with our oppressors
and those who would hinder the liberation and empowerment of our people.

Rise up, O Afrikan Ancestors, and live in us.And we will not fail to honor you;
We will not fail to respect you;
We will not fail to hear you,
And we will NOT betray you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Reality Show Madness

I dont know about yall,but I am so tired of seeing people degrade themselves on the tell-lie-vision as they expose their flaws to the world.From flava flave to New York,it is clearly evident to see the lack of guidance and ingorance displayed by the casts which are constantly amplified constantly on the tv.There is nothing real about having your life featured on a camera and disrespecting yourself for the world to see.It is sad,but I guess some people take this route to access an easy road to fame ,fortune and glory.However,there are too many ways to make money out here nowadys without selling your soul for temporary material possessions.

Black Black Women,The Goddess and Mothers of the Universe!!!

In ancient African cultures ,the royal blood was passed from Mother to child.This makes perfect sense being that humans get their mitochondrial d.n.a from their mother.What is even more interesting is the fact that in early Christianity the Black Madonna was held in higher esteem than Jesus.Speaking from my own experience .Gods miraculous power is evident everytime a women births another human bieng into existance.Many people often disregard that fact that women risk potential death when in the process of giving labor to children. Our children seem to over come the most savage situations and naturally maintain high "spirit energy" the same way their parents have and our parents before us.Nowadays,the female womb is constantly degraded and attacked.Ancient Africans had sex based on the movement of the stars because they were cosmically in tune with nature.They just didnt do it to just "because".Back then,everything was with divine purpose.We also must understand that the black woman's womb symbolizes darkness and everything that is created derives from blackness.Therefore it is safe to say that Black Women are some sort of vessel or gate way to the higher realms spiritually as they bring souls from the black spiritual realm into a new existence into the physical realm. That may be why they posses the highest mental, spiritual and sexual abilities compared to non Black Women. (No disrespect to non-black women)In ancient Kemet(Land of the Blacks and Kush (Nubia) our Women were thought to be the original heroes because of the chance of death during the Birthing process.Yet it was a necessary chance to take in order to allow God.As they say,ging birth is the energy that is closect to God.So black Women,always remember,you hold the KEY to the universe.Peace and Love!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Will Congress Abolish Black History Month with the Help of President Obama??

Congress to Abolish Black History Month

WASHINGTON DC (NWSF News) -In a surprising bipartisan move, last week, Congress passed legislation to abolish Black History Month. If the bill is not vetoed by the newly elected president, Black History Month could soon be history.
The reason for the legislation is that after the election of this country's first black president, many Americans no longer believe the celebration of black history is necessary. Some even have gone so far as calling for a ban on the teaching of black history because they say it is divisive.
Although many white Americans, especially the Right Wing, have questioned the validity of a month set aside to honor one racial group, there are many blacks, as well, who would like to bid Black History Month a adieu. For some African Americans black history has been seen as a stumbling block; just another barrier that has kept them from enjoying their piece of the American pie. Many black people strive their whole lives to detach the word "African" from "African American."
"Ain't no need to be talking all that black stuff. That's just another way to divide us," says Carletta "CJ" Walker, owner of New City Beauty Salon in Atlanta. "We need to stop living in the past."
The problem of having to be African and American, simultaneously, has plagued African Americans since the Emancipation Proclamation. It is a paradox that WEB Dubois described as "a double consciousness" that black folks had to have in order to survive in a white dominated society.During the early 20th century, the issue was bitterly debated by those who wanted inclusion into American society like Dubois and his Talented 10th and those who wanted separation like Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association.
Later, during the 60's and early 70's there was a constant ideological war between the Civil Rights activists and the Black Power activists that personified itself in the forms of Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Dr. King believed in a dream where all Americans would be treated as equals but Malcolm X envisioned a nightmare where African Americans would forever be treated as second class citizens.
For many young African Americans, black history has been replaced by a Hip Hop pseudo culture that has long abandoned any connection to black culture. Instead it has embraced a false ideology that music and fashion could end 400 years of oppression. Some of the rappers are even claiming that they are no longer black but they are "Hip Hop."
"I don't care what color a dude is. As long as he keeps it gangsta, he's cool with me," says New York City aspiring rapper Tyrone "T-Boogie" Johnson. "How is learning about black history gonna get me signed to a contract ?"
The disconnection of the youth can partially be blamed on an educational system that has helped to promote institutionalized white supremacy under the guise of preparing African American children to be able to make it in the real world. Any attempt to add Afrocentric studies to a curriculum by black teachers is often met with dire consequences.
CG Woods, an 8th grade social studies teacher in Jackson, Mississippi, recently was suspended without pay for instructing his students to read "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa" by Walter Rodney.
Some say that the lack of appreciation for black history is due to the fact that what is usually celebrated every February is not black history at all but the relatively brief history of black people in this country; a history of emancipated slaves. Few have paid attention to the rich history that African people had prior to 1619. This is mostly because the white corporations that have become the major sponsors of black history events have confined any discussion of black history to the boundaries of America.
Perhaps the people most affected by the end of Black History Month will be African American businesses, especially black book stores. Shaka Nzinga, owner of Black History, Inc, the world's largest distribuor of Afrocentric material has already announced that he will close his doors at the end of February unless business picks up.
Although, some African Americans have decided to allow black history to fade into obscurity, there are a few activists across the country who are not going out without a fight. They have started the Black History Bailout Campaign. The group is asking the black community to come up with their own socio-economic stimulus package as a last ditch effort to save black history.
Although the activists hope that the movement gains momentum over the next few weeks, as of yesterday the only people protesting in front of the Capitol were an elderly man with a Marcus Garvey sweatshirt and his young grandson holding up signs that said,"
"A people without knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots."

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Spiritual Connection of Women and Hair

Hair symbolizes much more than we think.For women,a good new hair do and a nice nail job can take a brand new outfit to a whole new level.However, women must be cognizant and mindful of the hazardous effects that can occur when applying toxic and poisonous chemicals to your scalp.Believe it or not,many of these detrimental chemicals enter through the scalp by way of the pores and control the way you think.The less ingredients a hair product has,the more healthy and beneficial the product will be for you.This is because the product is closest to its natural state and it hasn't been nuked or taited.Due to the fact that black women acquire spiritual strength from their hair ,to perm it and take it out of its natural state is detrimental to the scalp and the women's spiritual well bieng.When the hair is at its natural state it is at its strongest.When the hair is natural,it is coarse and circular.Many of us have been taught that natural means "nappy",however,the majority of natural black hair spirals in a circle.Spiral is the root word in the word,"spiritual".It is through the hair that blacks can recieve messages from the past that our ancient ancestors are trying to convey to us.A circle is 360 degrees and 360 degrees is the concept of infinite "Knowledge.In other words,you can never stop learning,but your ability to be able to learn is stunted from constantly overloading your scalp with toxic chemicals and blocking the communication with yourself and nature.It is also in the hair where their are high amounts of melanin and you already know what melanin does.If your unaware of the importance of melanin and what it does,then check out my first blog post entitled,"Sub-Hue man yet Super-Hue man".Peace Kings and Queens!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Agricultural Warfare

Industrialized agriculture has mutated and modified many so called “foods” today. Much of what we think is food, really isn’t food.Companies, factories and corporations have been able to capitalize off of patenting seeds and are producing genetically modified foods as opposed to food closer to its natural state. Many fast food chains and medical facilities are connected to the corporations who produce the food from industrialized agriculture .So, as more citizens become dis-eased from industrialized factory produced food ,it is the medical facilities of the very people who produce the food that they end up in.
As traditional farming was live and prospering, the government had to come up with a way to take the food into its own hands and control the way in which it was made and distributed. Many farmers are losing money and are struggling because in many instances the government is basically taking their seeds that the farmers have been so long trying to grow and patenting them. As a result, many different chemicals have been combined in labs to create new seeds all together, which ultimately produces newer more tainted food .The industrial revolution has not created more food.Instead,toxic chemicals, fossil fuels and other toxins permeate much of our food supply today Since seed saving is a traditional practice for many farmers in both developing and developed countries, GMO seeds legally bind farmers to change their seed saving practices to buying new seed every year. Farming, pesticides, nutrient runoff, excessive water usage, and other problems all play an important factor in the overall scheme of things. This is why it is important to take control of your destiny, and grow your own so you don’t have to be dependent on an outside entity to produce and manufacture your food. This way, you can control regulation and the nutritional content of your food too. With the rise in industrial farming, animal cruelty has been on the rise as many animals are being cloned, injected with needles and treated inhumanely .Out of this scenario, organic farming has surfaced which gives the consumer the most possible healthiest solution as an alternative to this environmental revolution. In the past, agricultural farming was a common everyday practice, but as society as a whole has become technologically driven, we have turned away from cultivation of our food and crops. It’s definitely time to turn back to the way of gardening and farming to continue to strive in the direction of good health and to be self-sufficient.

The Black Goddess...The Original Ruler

A few weeks ago ,I decided to visit the Walters Museum located in downtown Baltimore Maryland.I think museums are truly some of the most under used vehicles used to enhance your knowledge base .I try to absorb so much information whenever I go.Out of the many things that I learned and rediscovered was actually how beautiful the black woman actually is from the inside out.If many black women knew what great power and potential they really possesed,a whole lot of things in todays culture would be different.In ancient African times ,the woman was adorned and held in high esteem as a goddess even above the king .These are principles concepts that we have got away from in moden day times.It is dissapointing to see many women unaware of who they really are and what their natural role is.In ancient times,women ruled and governed the community affairs through a matriarchal system.I truly believed that if women governed the political arena there would be less wars.With society dominated by predomintely males ,the women have been suppressed, oppressed and excluded from their natural role as the rulers over society.