Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Peace to all.I dont know about yall,but one thing that I have been seeing alot of as of late has been this terrible epidemic of "saggin" that has started to be a normal practice especially for adolescent teenage African-American males.However.Saggin is not just limited to this specific group.You can find numerous adult African-American males and that engage in "saggin too.Other than these two groups,I sometimes see Caucasian teenage males emulate this style attempting to copy off of what they see form their black peers.First of all,I want to make it known that I am not attempting to bash or hate my African American brothas.It is out of love for yall as my brothers why I decided to make this article.Im aware that many of you are uninformed.Some of you have no positive male role models in your life and some of you just dont care .I just dont understand.What is it that you are trying to acheive or gain from wearing your pants below your butt?Do you think it makes you look cool or enhance your outfit in some kind of way?Some guys who sag wear belts and some dont.If you do wear a belt,what is the purpose of wearing one if you are going to have to continuously pull you pants up ?If you dont wear a belt,they are not expensive to purchase.I am aware that in the rap game now,many ,not all of these rappers wear saggin pants,but what identidy have you created for yourself.You have the ability to be able to define for yourself who you are and create yourself.You can be whatever you want to be.Saggin also speaks volumes about ones self respect.How do you have respect for yourself when you are showing your underwear nonchalantly to others.Before you demand respect from others,you must first respect yourself.Anything else is backwards.Some of you may have heard an others may not be aware,but saggin was used in the prisons as a way for homosexual men to let others know that they were available for homosexual acts.The point I am trying to make from all of this is be yourself and dont copy off of everything that you see and hear.Do the knowledge and dont scared to be original.Much love.Peace Out!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Black Genius Youth Academy Article in Amadi Magazine

Shoutout to Jovan Bland,writer for Amadi magazine,for taking time out to feature our Black Genius in the November edition.To read the article,check out the link below.