Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sub-HUEman yet Super-HUEman!!!!!

Peace and Blessings to all out there reading this article.This is Sankofa from the Black Genius educational outreach program and I humbly greet you all.It is of utmost importance that we learn more about ourself because the education system does not emower us and there is an abundance of information and lessons that go untaught.For example,how many of yall out knew that black people had special superpowers??Thats right !!!Black people have special powers that take us beyond just what we can physically concieve with our senses.The key to this science is in the color pigmentation of our skin.What gives people their skin color is "melanin".Melanin is the key factor which determines your skin complexion.In the not so distant past,blacks were referred to as bieng "Colored".An example of this was in the 60's when segregation and Jim Crow codes were in full effect.Blacks were considered to be "colored" and people considered to be absent of color were considerd to be "white".Many blacks thought they were inferior because they were darker than the common standard of beauty which was to be white-skinned.Actually expressing that Black people are colored couldn't be any farther from the truth.In chattel slavery, the oversear and the slave master treated the slaves as less than a human through dehumanizing slave breaking and cultural conditioning .Blacks actually are sub-hueman,however this isn't because black people are inferior to whites,but its due to the fact that "black" isnt a color. The term "Hue" means color .Hue is somehting that black people can not be limited to .Black is the essence or source from which all other colors derive from.From black,every other color is formed.Nothing in the universe ia more powerful than blackness .What does this have to do with melanin??Well,the higher the amount of melanin you have in your body and DNA,the darker you will end up bieng.Melanin is the concentration of carbon in your body and can be found in the pineal gland which is located in the lower-mid section of the forehead and the head of the penis on the male.It was melanin that enabled Aficans to persevere through the hot temperatures of the equator in Africa and the extremely hot regions of other climates also.With the indigenous people bieng strongly connected to the sun and nature,spending large amounts of time in the sun was a form of nourishment for blacks as the the rays from the sun revitalized the energy of those whose skin it touched.The presence of melanin is what naturally makes you more in tune with nature.This was the essential reason why Africans were enslaved at such a higher rate than any other race of people .Africans were proficiently and diligently studied prior to bieng captured ,tortured and enslaved. It wasn't hard for the social scientists to see the wonderful agrarian ,agricultural and horticultural principles that were incorporated in everyday life.Europeans were not genetically apt to deal with the harsh conditionds of the sun due to lower level of melanin .Since melanin made blacks more in connected to nature,blacks could interpret messages from the past that the ancestors left to be past down from generation to generation.These messages were in various forms such as ,hieroglyphics,food ,stories ,songs,ceremonial rituals and much more.This connected those who were still living in the physical to those who transitioned to the spiritual phase of existence.In other words,this connected the past ,present and future.Melanin is the reason why blacks dance so eloquently and rhythmically as we absorb the sound waves in the atmosphere.Melanin alows blacks to taste full range of food differently too.Blacks could even make it rain when they danced.It was by this process that they were able to better cultivate thier land for harvesting and nurturing porposes.We can still tap into this special power if we properly activate the science that go along with the concept.So due to the absense of color,blacks actually arent colored since black is not truly a color or a "hue".Nevertheless, we are scientifically above and beyond being just reduced and contained just to words like "race","human" or even "color".There is a natural order to everthing ever created.Blacks are naturally more spiritual than non-blacks.This is not because all non-blacks are inferior,but its due to the fact that what makes you "spiritual" is your inner connection to nature or the source which is where all living organisms come from.Melanin biengs have the highest innermost connection to nature.So when we die,our soul returns back to the source from which we originated from.So next time,your watching a freestyling ,listening to your favorite music artist, or are dancing,remember that it was the super-hueman people that created these humanities.Peace....Im Out!!!!!!!!

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