Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Black Goddess...The Original Ruler

A few weeks ago ,I decided to visit the Walters Museum located in downtown Baltimore Maryland.I think museums are truly some of the most under used vehicles used to enhance your knowledge base .I try to absorb so much information whenever I go.Out of the many things that I learned and rediscovered was actually how beautiful the black woman actually is from the inside out.If many black women knew what great power and potential they really possesed,a whole lot of things in todays culture would be different.In ancient African times ,the woman was adorned and held in high esteem as a goddess even above the king .These are principles concepts that we have got away from in moden day times.It is dissapointing to see many women unaware of who they really are and what their natural role is.In ancient times,women ruled and governed the community affairs through a matriarchal system.I truly believed that if women governed the political arena there would be less wars.With society dominated by predomintely males ,the women have been suppressed, oppressed and excluded from their natural role as the rulers over society.

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