Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Agricultural Warfare

Industrialized agriculture has mutated and modified many so called “foods” today. Much of what we think is food, really isn’t food.Companies, factories and corporations have been able to capitalize off of patenting seeds and are producing genetically modified foods as opposed to food closer to its natural state. Many fast food chains and medical facilities are connected to the corporations who produce the food from industrialized agriculture .So, as more citizens become dis-eased from industrialized factory produced food ,it is the medical facilities of the very people who produce the food that they end up in.
As traditional farming was live and prospering, the government had to come up with a way to take the food into its own hands and control the way in which it was made and distributed. Many farmers are losing money and are struggling because in many instances the government is basically taking their seeds that the farmers have been so long trying to grow and patenting them. As a result, many different chemicals have been combined in labs to create new seeds all together, which ultimately produces newer more tainted food .The industrial revolution has not created more food.Instead,toxic chemicals, fossil fuels and other toxins permeate much of our food supply today Since seed saving is a traditional practice for many farmers in both developing and developed countries, GMO seeds legally bind farmers to change their seed saving practices to buying new seed every year. Farming, pesticides, nutrient runoff, excessive water usage, and other problems all play an important factor in the overall scheme of things. This is why it is important to take control of your destiny, and grow your own so you don’t have to be dependent on an outside entity to produce and manufacture your food. This way, you can control regulation and the nutritional content of your food too. With the rise in industrial farming, animal cruelty has been on the rise as many animals are being cloned, injected with needles and treated inhumanely .Out of this scenario, organic farming has surfaced which gives the consumer the most possible healthiest solution as an alternative to this environmental revolution. In the past, agricultural farming was a common everyday practice, but as society as a whole has become technologically driven, we have turned away from cultivation of our food and crops. It’s definitely time to turn back to the way of gardening and farming to continue to strive in the direction of good health and to be self-sufficient.

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