Monday, April 20, 2009

Black Black Women,The Goddess and Mothers of the Universe!!!

In ancient African cultures ,the royal blood was passed from Mother to child.This makes perfect sense being that humans get their mitochondrial d.n.a from their mother.What is even more interesting is the fact that in early Christianity the Black Madonna was held in higher esteem than Jesus.Speaking from my own experience .Gods miraculous power is evident everytime a women births another human bieng into existance.Many people often disregard that fact that women risk potential death when in the process of giving labor to children. Our children seem to over come the most savage situations and naturally maintain high "spirit energy" the same way their parents have and our parents before us.Nowadays,the female womb is constantly degraded and attacked.Ancient Africans had sex based on the movement of the stars because they were cosmically in tune with nature.They just didnt do it to just "because".Back then,everything was with divine purpose.We also must understand that the black woman's womb symbolizes darkness and everything that is created derives from blackness.Therefore it is safe to say that Black Women are some sort of vessel or gate way to the higher realms spiritually as they bring souls from the black spiritual realm into a new existence into the physical realm. That may be why they posses the highest mental, spiritual and sexual abilities compared to non Black Women. (No disrespect to non-black women)In ancient Kemet(Land of the Blacks and Kush (Nubia) our Women were thought to be the original heroes because of the chance of death during the Birthing process.Yet it was a necessary chance to take in order to allow God.As they say,ging birth is the energy that is closect to God.So black Women,always remember,you hold the KEY to the universe.Peace and Love!!!!

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