Monday, April 13, 2009

The Spiritual Connection of Women and Hair

Hair symbolizes much more than we think.For women,a good new hair do and a nice nail job can take a brand new outfit to a whole new level.However, women must be cognizant and mindful of the hazardous effects that can occur when applying toxic and poisonous chemicals to your scalp.Believe it or not,many of these detrimental chemicals enter through the scalp by way of the pores and control the way you think.The less ingredients a hair product has,the more healthy and beneficial the product will be for you.This is because the product is closest to its natural state and it hasn't been nuked or taited.Due to the fact that black women acquire spiritual strength from their hair ,to perm it and take it out of its natural state is detrimental to the scalp and the women's spiritual well bieng.When the hair is at its natural state it is at its strongest.When the hair is natural,it is coarse and circular.Many of us have been taught that natural means "nappy",however,the majority of natural black hair spirals in a circle.Spiral is the root word in the word,"spiritual".It is through the hair that blacks can recieve messages from the past that our ancient ancestors are trying to convey to us.A circle is 360 degrees and 360 degrees is the concept of infinite "Knowledge.In other words,you can never stop learning,but your ability to be able to learn is stunted from constantly overloading your scalp with toxic chemicals and blocking the communication with yourself and nature.It is also in the hair where their are high amounts of melanin and you already know what melanin does.If your unaware of the importance of melanin and what it does,then check out my first blog post entitled,"Sub-Hue man yet Super-Hue man".Peace Kings and Queens!!!!!


  1. Peace King. I love this piece and agree with you 100%. I also touched upon natural hair in my blog last month. I wrote about how even women in the Dominican Republic want to emulate a european standard of beauty. I appreciate how you explained the spiritual aspects of it. I look forward to reading many more posts.

    Bless Up!

  2. I came to this blog by way of ScandalusBeauty. I love this article and although it doesn't encompass or capture my entire thought process in why I'm going natural, it does touch on many important aspects of it. Thanks for writing this and hopefully it will be read by many. I can tell the love for our natural hair is becoming more prevalent where I live but I'm wondering if it's more "trendy" now. Whatever the cause, I'm glad to see it.
    Very enlightening!

  3. This was such a good article. It is a very interesting perspective to something that we sometimes take for granted. It's especially interesting from a man's point of view. I never thought about it in that way before, but now I have adopted some of these points and taken them to heart. Again, great article!

  4. This article is so wonderful. It is a a breath of fresh air for a young black man to feel the way that you do. I love my natural hair and would not change it for the world.

  5. How refreshing it is to read this knowing a well educated KING acknowledges the strength and
    spiritual connection a woman has with her hair!! Thank you young man for being a sounding board for truth!!